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John Holland
Professional Handyman

"No Job Too Small or Too Challenging"
We first became acquainted with John Holland of Why DIY when he did work for the estate agent on the rental property we were living in. He was always courteous and efficient and, unlike some of the other services the agency used, he got the job done well and cleaned up after himself. When we became homeowners, we immediately thought of John for some of the small projects that needed to be done to improve our new home. It's even more important to us now that we're spending our own money on decorating and repairs that he does a good job at the right price for us. Already we've had him in to install shelves and other fittings. He works with our schedule and makes sure to leave a room as clean as can be after he's done any drilling or other messy work. It's such a relief to know we have someone reliable to call in for the jobs we don't have the time or skill to do!
Tricia S

As an underfloor heating specialist with a very good reputation and very high standards, we only use the best sub contractors. John is not only amazing. His customer service skills are second to none and this puts myself and clients at ease. The best in Leicester.
Christian F

I have known John for the past 4 years as he has worked for Skiworld as a Maintenance / Driver for the winter seasons 2002-2006. I was Johns direct line manager for his first 2 seasons being the resort manager for Skiworld in Meribel. During his seasons as a Maintenance / Driver, John proved to be a reliable and integral member of the resort team. He was a competent driver, resourceful and able to do his job independently and deal with most issues that arose himself. During his first season, John was awarded Skiworlds Employee of the month award, meaning he was voted as the hardest working employee that month by the resort management team. In the winter season 2005-06, John worked as a Resort Representative for Skiworld in Meribel and was responsible for managing 4 chalets and a small team of staff. John then continued work with Skiworld after the season and throughout the summer 2006 working on our Summer maintenance team. John proved to be extremely capable and adapted extremely well to both these challenging roles. During his time with Skiworld, John proved himself to be very popular with both guests and other staff members in the resort team. He had a good manner with his chalet guests when working as a resort representative, and was helpful and friendly at all times, and guests were always complimentary about John. Despite being 1 of a large resort team in Meribel, John was liked by everyone and was a central member of the team. He was always on hand to help out being flexible in his work and resourceful where necessary. From a social perspective he was always enthusiastic and involved in resort events which helped to keep staff morale at a high working level. From a professional perspective, John is hard-working, reliable and proficient at anything he puts his mind to. One Of Leicesters best!

You are guaranteed to get results using this company.
Harriet G

John Holland - As a company we have used John as a contractor many times the is the first person we call when help is needed. He is realisable, honest and he has a good standard of work and has an excellent work ethic. He has worked on large and small projects and completed them all to a high standard.
Daniel F

John of WHy DIY? is a very nice man.He turned up on time and took the time and care to do a good job. One of Leicester's best.
Kevin P

John is the kind of handy man that we have been trying to find for sometime. He is trustworthy and enthusiastic, and what is more he is really nice guy who took care in doing a good job. I would certainty recommend Why Diy and will definitely use john again in the future.
Grant M

I've just had John out to help remove a window so I could get my new double bed upstairs as the delivery guys refused to help me with it. In a word John Holland is brilliant, he's friendly, he's punctual, he certainly knows what he's doing, he's quick and extremely helpful and affordable. I simply couldn't have asked for better service. If you have a DIY problem and you need help, then call John, I will be in the future! He's definitely one of Leicester's Best!
Alex S

Brilliant service. We just needed our gutters clearing and cleaning and John was more than happy to do it. He turned up the next morning bright and early and did a great job. Will definitely use him again!
Helen P

John has done about a dozen jobs for us in the last year. He always returns calls promptly and is punctual for appointments. All the jobs he has done for us have been completed quickly, efficiently and cleanly and to a very high technical standard. John is unfailingly pleasant, friendly, thoughtful and cheerful. We strongly recommend him. We will be using his services again in the future. Alison and Phil.
Alison C

John is reliable and does what he says he will do, to a high standard , when he says he will do it!
Jenny R

John Holland of 'Why Diy' had been looking after our full maintenance of whole premises . We have been fully satisfied with his work. We have found him to be honest and recommend him always.
Ajaib S